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Why headhunt?

By far the biggest factor in a cloud business’s success is the product knowledge and teamwork of the people within it. However, in high growth sectors such as EPM, ERP and Business Intelligence the best talent is in very high demand, and these professionals are rarely active on the market. Organisations are fully aware of just how problematic and time-consuming replacing key staff can be, so they have since become more forward thinking in the way they look after their teams and retain talent.

So how does a business access the cloud financial management software sectors very best sales and technical talent if it’s not actively looking? Employing market specialist technology headhunters with proven track records and networks. Using a skilled and credible headhunter will allow you to access the ‘passive/tentative professionals’ i.e. those who will only move should a more desirable opening and organisation be made aware to them by a trusted credible source. The best headhunters will be able to identify this talent, map organisations, create organograms and make approaches on your behalf under assignment.

Why EPM Recruitment's headhunters?

EPM Recruitment’s Board has over 11 years’ experience in senior to C-level recruitment practice, placing hundreds of professionals across EPM (enterprise performance management), Business Intelligence, cloud enterprise resource planning and business analytics amongst related sectors. This experience gives us the market knowledge and network of contacts to not only undertake the most thorough market mapping possible, it also gives us the credibility to gain an audience with those senior candidates in this niche space that may not otherwise entertain a conversation.

As the emerging cloud financial management markets continue to grow and disrupt, the number of recruiters looking to access these markets has increased too. This has resulted in a lessening of specialist EPM/analytics recruiters who possess real market understanding and contacts.  It’s become harder to gain the attention of these passive job seekers numb to the erroneous approaches of inexperienced recruiters. Our network and market-wide credibility built over many years overcomes this hurdle so we truly can approach and garner interest from the very best professionals in this niche space.

How we undertake a headhunt assignment

We take the time to listen and understand your business needs; we take a detailed overview of the culture; we understand the product and its main competitors and can begin searching for the perfect professional for your business and vice versa on a technical or sales basis.

We then get back to you with a detailed summary of our findings which will include a list of competitive businesses as well as detailed overviews and likely targets within these. This will also include related businesses given the transferable product knowledge across ERP/M and financial management software.

Thorough market mapping is not possible without the understanding and the network we have gained working on numerous headhunt assignments over the years for the following summary of requirements and assignments – EPM Consulting Director, Principal BPC Architect, BI Sales Director, Lead Hyperion Consultant, Pre-Sales Director, HFM Engagement Manager,  Senior ERP Business Development Manager, Managing Director, CFO/Finance Director and CEO amongst many other variables.  Our client base for these includes consultancies, system integrators, the big 4, vendors and partners.  Our network and knowledge is unrivalled covering the above.

Our screening, interview and selection process

When we approach the professionals identified in the mapping process, we promote our client’s openings in a strictly confidential, professional, and transparent manner, putting the company’s core values, vision, and history at the forefront to entice and cajole the strongest professionals and encourage conversations between the two.

We undertake full competency based face to face interviews with all of our headhunted professionals, allowing us to feedback concisely those that best match the brief on a technical and cultural level. This feedback is verbal and supplemented with detailed interview notes to aid the client’s first interview.

Throughout the process we will schedule calls to give our clients regular updates as to the progress made, efforts undertaken, candidates contacted, and reaction/intrigue to these conversations.

From shortlist stage, through the interview process, and on to job offer/completion we are there to help ensure you succeed in securing the strongest professionals in this space.

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